Personalized Baskets

Because every person is unique, we inspire, design and create custom baskets for all occasions. We work closely with our clients to turn their visions into reality. 


From trunks to baskets, we can create baskets with items that may not only be used but displayed for all occasions.


We offer a variety of consulting services for clients with varying budgets. Such services run the gamut from event planning to consultation on setup, display and design of our products for the client's special event. 

Personalized Favors

Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern, favors are an art that require attention to detail.

We have worked with brides, mothers, husbands, cousins, and grandmothers to create one-of-a-kind favors for any occasion.

Our service not only includes design and creation but setup and display, depending on location.

Gift Wrapping

During the holidays and special events, clients often times elect to provide an added touch to their presents. For this reason, we have worked to create, display and deliver personalized wraps for all occasions. 


Uniquely Shaped Objects 

We have proven successful in providing personalized wrapping for objects of all shapes and sizes.